This is not a picture of someone meditating.
It is a picture of someone beginning to meditate.

Thoughts flow through my mind as I struggle to step back from them.
The scoliosis curves in my spine ache, forcing me to actively engage my core to hold myself up since my spine will not.

But I don’t focus on these things.

I focus on the tips of my fingers touching-where I can feel incredible grounding flow- closing up electrical circuits that have been leaking my heart energy.
I focus on breath: filling and reaching every single cell in my body with life.
The cells puff with new oxygen.
After ten minutes my body settles, thoughts slow, and I pull back from the mind.
I watch the mind flow like a river and the thoughts are just fish swimming through.
I am not in the river, but I sit calmly on the banks, observing my Self flow by.
Occasionally a fish will leap, tempting me to jump after it, but I do not.

Time has stopped, or flows unnoticed.
Who is the Self watching the Self?

I Am.