As you scroll through social media, read articles, watch YouTube, take a class…very rarely do you see the bloopers (although it is becoming more socially acceptable to post than before…for the comedic relief).
You see the split second perfect posture that most yogis catch on their phone’s camera.
A few yogis, after years of dedicated practice, have reached stunning and graceful forms of asana. The rest of us are left to wonder why we haven’t the strength or courage to lift into new heights, or awkwardly bumble around our mat.

Arm balances and inversions have always been a tricky no-no maybe-so with my “therapist wrists” and scoliosis. Especially as a teacher and long term yogi, I felt discouraged at my lack of progress and courage.

Then one day, I was “forced” to try what I thought I couldn’t do, and guess what? It was the right time. It clicked in my brain.
Those yoga challenges on Instagram will really inspire you!

I fell a lot, mostly laughing. A couple of times I did hurt myself a little bit and would have to take a couple days off. #getbackonthemat

Start with the prepwork. Get super warmed up. Explore each posture. Google variations of postures. One person’s way of entry isn’t the only way, which I quickly learned (and then succeeded!)

Make it YOUR posture. YOUR practice.
Be inspired by the wonder of YOU.

P.s….rarely do I get into these wacky poses. My personal practice is soooo simple!!! 🙂