Yoga and massage therapy go hand-in-hand (which is why there is such a thing as Thai massage!).
Self-care is a lifetime lifestyle commitment. We should be as dedicated to it as brushing our teeth- and just as aware of how often we need it!
We seem to think that we’ll do something for a couple weeks and then it’ll just come naturally and we won’t even have to think about it. Not true!
We work at it steadily, consistently. After all, you can’t brush your teeth every now and again and hope it’ll all work out. It’s the same with our health- including the health of our mind-body connection.
A little bit every day goes a long long way.
Learn to listen to your body whisper and it won’t have to shout at you in disease and pain.

Start making a commitment to your SELF right now, right in the middle of the holidays. Don’t wait for January 1st, and don’t give up on January 31st. Little things.

Start right now, every moment.
Take a quiet moment to center yourself.
Drink a big glass of water.
Observe the trees without analyzing or straying thoughts.
Do 5 minutes of yoga in the middle of the day.
Play outside.
Laugh at something uplifting.
Don’t let someone tell you how to feel.
Do tell someone else how awesome they are.
Love others.
Love yourself.

That is all.