The majority of my students are also my massage clients and beginner peoples who can’t just pop into any ol’ yoga class; maybe they’ve never tried yoga before because of physical issues, or because of psychological issues (the most common one being the feeling of inferiority to the masses of bendy white girls; my little brother told me he thought yoga was “gay”, as in, “stupid”, not homosexual. He’s 15.).
Some have vertigo, acid reflux, or wrist issues, and they can’t go “up and down” like a traditional vinyasa class. Major surgeries such as spinal fusions make some common postures inaccessible. Others have chronic issues and weaknesses (shoulders, back, and core from sitting at a desk too long? sound familiar?) that we work to strengthen and tweak. And then there are some who simply don’t want to work out around a group of people!
So, where do I come in? I help you design a home practice! Imagine this: 4 sessions over a month or so to learn the postures and flows that work specifically for you, coupled with custom FOR YOU posture charts and notes for reference. Once a month we refresh and grow your practice with a maintenance session. I am available my students at any time for questions and adjustments, and highly encourage massage sessions so that I know hands on that what we’re doing is working (do you really need an excuse for a massage?).

Want to know more? Want to know if your situation applies? Just ask!