“The secret to living well and longer is: eat half, walk double, laugh triple, and love without measure.
-Tibetan proverb

I get a lot of my clients asking me “What is best?” “What do you do?”

All of it. Moderation is the key. Listen to your body- it has ancient wisdom that DNA passes down through the generations!

I do a lot of different things: I walk/run/bike/hike, lift, and do yoga. Vary things! Variety is the spice of life!
I have a general plan I follow but, for example, I am super sore one day I may skip the gym and do gentle yoga and foam rolling instead. Some weeks I am all yoga, others, I may do 3 solid practices a week. Another week, I may just have time for 10min before work every day. Life happens. Just keep at it, even if its a few minutes of down dog and meditation. Its the connecting -the centering- that is important.

Your body is all-wise…when you learn how to tap in and listen!

Get massages. Do yoga. Love all of your cells. Learn to consciously relax, learn how to breathe. Learn how to just sit and be. Laugh a LOT. Know when enough is enough- before it is too much.

Infuse your every moment with gratitude. God uses the Universe to honor gratitude. Even in the midst of pain, the human experience is precious, poignant, and so beautiful. #cherish

The better you listen, the less your body has to shout at you. Love all of your cells.

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