Just wanted to leave an update here: for the month of November, I will be involved in National Novel Writing Month! This year I have a lofty goal: starting on a brand new (potential) trilogy. The “goal” of NaNoWriMo, for most people, is to begin a first draft and complete 50k words from Nov 1- Nov 30. This global community has completely captivate me; the camaraderie and information sharing has really boosted my aspirations to become a published author.
I won last year and am in the slow process of editing that draft, but it (and everything else!) will be put on hold until November 30th. (Unless I’m procrastinating writing my 2k words a day and decide to leave a random blog here!). In the meantime, catch up on my past blogs, if you like; I would love if you’d visit my sister site blog and leave some comments, or follow my Twitter as it turns into a writer’s feed (social media links are on both websites)!
See you in December….