When you find your physical asana practice lacking, look to the spiritual.
How much have you spent turning inwards, going offline from anything outside of the body? When we short the prayer and meditation time that is oh-so-necessary and delicious, the potency of your general practice wanes. Its the salt, the water, the air of your practice.
Indeed, it is the “goal”, if you will allow the use of the concept.
Do yourself a favor, and come back to your Self. Find your divine; start with 5 minutes a day and work upwards. Or take 90 seconds here and there throughout the day. Send your longing spirit sky-high and question the divine without words. (“Where are you?”) Then, come back inside. Its there.
Cultivate witness consciousness. Take yoga nidra as well as guided meditation. Sometimes, we only need a little help along the way, a new teacher, a new inspiration. Other times, we don’t need anything new; we need to just sit our butts down and put in the time.

The opposite is also true: being the multifaceted creatures that we are, one day we will be fully Spirit. But for now, if your spiritual practice is lackluster, try grounding back into the physical. Come back to your base, and work upwards.
Implement the tangible, the ritualistic: prayer beads, stones, cleaning and clearing your practice space or find a more regular practice space if you do not have one. Work through the koshas one layer at a time, and journal the process. Take a class outside, in the dirt, grass, or sand, and spend savasana staring at the sky while your body grounds down. Or, take a series of classes that is completely different from your norm.

Feed your body, mind, and spirit. All of them. Stop shaming yourself, and just get back to it. It isn’t a “30 day challenge” that you messed up and have to start over.
Its a lifestyle.
Yoga is relationship. For life.

Keep going. #yogaandrepeat