Space Therapy: Think feng shui; uncluttered.

Time Therapy: You don’t have to (can’t) do it all.

Mental Therapy: One thing at a time.

Emotional Therapy: Meditation, detachment.

Physical Therapy: Mindful, intuitive movement to aid energy and strength.

Spiritual Therapy: Connection. Love.

These major areas of our lives all have one big thing in common. Minimalism.Β Minimalism requires a sense of organization, un-clutteredness (I believe that is a state of its own!).

There are levels of a minimalistic lifestyle: from full fledged Japanese style (think 1 fork, knife, spoon in your drawer) to beginning to clear out your closets and donating bags to Goodwill.

Clear off the surfaces in your home of everything non-essential. Use grounding, cleansing elemental decor if anything at all (rock, plant, water). Check your schedule: hobbies, groups, the need toΒ do it all because we are just plainΒ running out of time.

Apply this mindset towards the areas listed above.

Give yourself time between tasks to move quietly and mindfully. This is coming from someone who excels at swiftly multitasking and hates to go slow! Preaching to myself, here, too. πŸ™‚

You have to start somewhere. Have compassion on yourself through all of the processes of change, but don’t back down. In all of its innate wisdom, the lower aspects of our Selves still sometimes must be parented like a child!