Not a whole lot riles me more than lack of common sense…or lack of brain usage.

People tend to categorize things the wrong way. In this post I’ll give you a big example from a massage therapist point of view.

People want to power through pain. It is something to overcome. They think it will make them stronger, better. Work it out. Hammer it out. Remove it, in one way or another.


Pain is not a quantifier or qualifier, though we speak of it in “levels”. Sure, it has volume. It has location. It has duration. It can’t be removed, though. It isn’t a THING.

It can only beΒ re-moved.Β 

Re-moved. As in, to another part of the body. In another way. Buried, most likely, in an organ, suppressed in a system, only to explode at a far-less convenient time, with more dire consequences.

Is that what you want? Does that even make sense? To take one little thing and create a nuclear disaster of your body?

No. Are we that stupid?

PAIN is what happens when the nerves are sending messages to an area. An area, most likely, that has more of a psycho-somatic inference than just the physical. The only way we are truly going to get rid of pain is to DIVE INTO IT.

Yep. Dive right in, figure it out, THANK YOUR BODY FOR DOING ITS JOB.

Oh, right. I forgot to mention…that’s the body’s job: to communicate with you. To be in partnership with you. Can you imagine your body as a business?

Would you ignore “to-do” messages from your accountant/legal department/HR and expect to have a long-term successful business?

Nope.Β Pain is like one of those annoying red notifications on your phone…you can turn it off, but the message will still be waiting in the app…!

Start tuning in. Listen to the whispered messages and your body won’t have to shout. Think outside the box.

Self-healing starts with self-care.

Self-care starts with finding out what you need.

Stay ahead of the game. Be pro-active. Be smart.


That is all. πŸ™‚