…And how essential oils have dramatically changed my life in the last three months.

My first oily experience happened in December 2016. We had just been out having sushi, where they neglected to switch out the “krab” for real crab. Well, I have pretty severe allergies to wheat (and dairy) and krab is made with straight wheat protein! I recognized that it was not real crab after the first few pieces of roll, but that is all it takes.

And of course, thats the one night I forgot to bring enzymes with me.

I rushed home and to my delight, my first doTerra shipment was waiting at the door! I ripped it open, found the DigestZen, immediately ingested (in water) a couple of drops, and applied a couple of drops to my tummy.

A normal reaction to gluten would be (TMI) approximately a month of complete digestive upset, joint pain, headaches, depressive emotions, & a terrible period. The headache would come first, followed by 3am sharp stomach pain. That was only the beginning.

Pause here.

Two days later, I accidentally ate a gf dessert that had butter in it. The same reactions apply.


I kept at my DigestZen (made a roll-on for my tummy) internally and topically every single day, and the only discomfort I experienced was bloating and slight acne (as opposed to painful cysts).

Now I cannot live without it; my fiancé and I take a “shot” of water + 1-2 drops DigestZen every morning after breakfast. One shot each.

So there you have it, experience numero uno. Although I take the drops, some people may not like the potent flavor. They do come in vitamin form, or the oil can be put into a veggie capsule.

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