Okay, so here is my 2nd big experience with doTerra’s oils.

I had a hangover. I’ve had about 3 bad experiences with alcohol and hangovers, and am by no means an alcoholic, but I don’t have a lot of experiences with beer, having been gluten free for the last 8 years or so.

They’ve only recently come out with drinkable gf beers, and they are HIGH % alcohol. I figured that I was used to it, since hard ciders are at least 5-7%, but I was wrong. They do affect differently!

So, spread out in one night I had two different drinks, not a lot to eat, and about 6 ounces of a gluten free beer. That’s not enough for a hangover, right?

Wrong! I thought, “Surely, today I will die.” Head wanted to explode, nausea, the whole 9 yards. Instead of reaching for peppermint or ginger, I decided to go for the king of oils, expensive though he be. Frank. Frankincense, that is.

I used my finger to hold the bottle and flipped it, which isn’t quite one drop, but just enough. I put it under my tongue/behind my lower teeth, and within SECONDS, 95% of the hangover was gone. I followed up with my normal/daily shot of DigestZen (1 drop in a shot of water). Symptoms did not return!

So much love for the King of Oils. I use it in my yoga & meditation practice, in my skin care regime…check it out for yourself! Yes, it is expensive, but with all doTerra’s oils ONE DROP goes a LONG way. Use FCO (fractionated coconut oil) to spread it out.

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