I was skeptical, anti-reiki, for years. My experience with “those people” was less than positive. It creeped me out, and possibly, went against my beliefs.

Until I met someone along my same vein- who believes the same things. I felt that I could follow my own spiritual path and still tap into the healing I was already practicing without compromising my beliefs. I made it my own.

Learning Reiki feels like a defining of the energy, communication, naturalism, spirituality, and healing I’ve intentionally practiced my whole life…only its come out in different ways. A reader of spirituality and fantasy, empathetic, loved working with animals, wild animals finding me, me seeking quiet solace in the woods as a teenager, learning herbalism and physical holistic health, 10 years of massage therapy, and now teaching yoga and meditation… Instead of it being the final puzzle piece, I see it as the glaze that glues it all together. It’s who I am.

I’m about to go into my Reiki III training in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait. So far I have mostly done distance sessions and animal sessions (my favorite). I do enjoy mixing reiki & reflexology- maybe that just helps me to tap in better.

More on this later; for now, I’m still learning, still practicing.